Medical Faculty of P. J. Šafárik University in Košice
PhD Programme

at LF UPJŠ  for applicants from abroad



PhD programme at LF UPJŠ is realized in the following branches, the LF UPJŠ has been accredited, i.e.:



PhD study is open only for applicants with university diploma (title: Mgr., or Dr.) and after successful   entrance  examination.


Annual fee for the PhD study is 400. 000 Sk (or equivivalent in USD or in  €)

(in internal – days form).

Annual fee for the external form PhD study is 150.000 Sk (or equivalent in USD or €)


It covers a month salary of the PhD student (10 000 Sk), expenses connected with the

research activities in the amount up to 70 000 Sk and partial medical insurance.


PhD applicant is required to be fluent in English language (except of the applicants from Czech Republic). PhD applicant should submit a certificate of language examination

(e. g.TOEFL test).


The duration of scientific training is 3 years in internal form

and 5 years in external form.


It is possible to follow in the training of special branches of medicine.








Doc. MUDr. Milan Kuchta, CSc.

First Vice-Dean and

Vice Dean for Scientific and Research Activities, International Relations